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High Court orders blocking of sexually explicit video of Judge

The High Court of Delhi has ordered social media platforms to take all steps to block a sexually explicit video circulating for the past few days of a person stated to be a Judge of the district judiciary.

Acting on the complaint of one of the affected people shown in the video, Justice Yashwant Varma took note of the petition on urgent mentioning by the person. “Bearing in mind the sexually explicit nature of the contents of that video & taking into consideration the imminent, grave & irreparable harm that is likely to be caused to the privacy rights of the plaintiff, an ad interim ex parte injunction is clearly warranted,” High Court noted, while directing Google, YouTube & other social media platforms/portals to “take all permissible steps to ensure that the further sharing, distribution, forwarding or posting of the offending video is restrained forthwith”.

It also directed the Centre to ensure that all further steps, as earlier communicated by the Court’s Registrar General on the removal of the offensive videos, are taken & a compliance report submitted.

The suit sought a permanent injunction, restraining the search engine & social media platforms, their associates, sister concerns, agents & others from publishing/re-publishing/telecasting, in any manner, a purported video dated March 9, 2022, which is said to be circulating on these as well as web portals since Nov 29.

The High Court said, “The court has had an occasion to view the content in respect of which the complaint is made. The court bears in mind the provisions of Section 354C of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, as well as 67A of the Information & Technology Act, 2000, which laws, prima facie, would appear to be violated in case further circulation, sharing & distribution of the video were to be permitted. The content, if circulated amongst parties & users of the services, would also appear to, prima facie, violate the Legally Acceptable Terms of Use as adopted by the said defendants”.

The High Court took note that the full Court itself had taken cognizance of the incident on its administrative side & passed a resolution asking the Centre to take steps to block the said video over all platforms.

The news agency has learnt that the full court decided to suspend, pending an enquiry, the judicial officer purportedly shown in the video in a compromising position.

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